Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why I Homeschool & What is Home Education?

Firstly would like to say thank you to Lisa, I'm very excited to be able to share our information on here.

As a Homeschooling parents both my husband and I are active participants in our children’s education. We are able to provide their loving home environment as an
 ideal context for their children’s education knowing they have the full support of the school.
Also as a parent I have found that there is less stress in my daughters (7,9)
also my older step children (17, 15), anxiety, refusal of going to school stopped,
 always having that pressure of teachers wanting to know why they didnt go to school and ran away, hiding.

Many times over we had meltdowns, screaming matches, "I dont want to go school",
yes we still have these days but it not as much as it was. 
Having a routine already inplace was a beneifit, instead of having to be out
the door before the school bell rushing.

1. I can have full control over the quality of my child's education. 

2. I get to spend quality time with the children in my life anytime I want to. 
3. I know they are safe. 
4. I know they are well treated. 
5. I know that I'm free to teach them what I feel is important. 5.Life is so much happier :) 
6. Because I can! :)

What is Home Education?  
Home Education provides your child/
children education at there home this  involves a parents taking direct responsibility for the education of their children at home


7th October 2011

On Tuesday we took our daughter to the peditrican, we had the best news, we dont have to take her back unless we have concerns, or she cant cope .

Yesterday she had the hugest meltdown that she hasnt had in a long time. She climbed on my lap and just cried and cried and cried. I worked out that it was because I gave her maths to do.
Once she settled and she calmed down, she did her maths.
Before she wouldnt have anything to do with it, she would walk away and say "NO".

We do have our days dont get me wrong there, but as soon as it started the quicker it stopped.
I do hope everyone has a fabulaous weekend :)

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