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How does Homeschooling work, who qualifies?


Well in my opinion , Im just kidding you, if I gave you my opinion I would be getting emails lol. In all seriousness, as a parent you have raised your child, showed them how to eat, drink, walk, talk,abc's taught them very when they were little showed them how to dress themselves, as a parent you are the first person. You are there hero :) 
Just because you dont have have a uni degree to say that you are a teacher,nurse, a booie fixture, you still qualify. 
At the College where our children are through they let us do a Educators Pack and get a cerfitcate to say that you have completed it.When I was at school I was through this Learning program.
Because our child has special needs, we are with them all the time,we know what they do and sometimes  is it challenging to let  the teachers at the mainstream school to listen?



There is often times where I ask myself why? Why do I do put my two feet forward and dive straight into things?
I often doubt myself too," Oh Lee you can not do this."
Sometimes by the end of the day I suprise myself, I learnt something new about myself. Even when i was younger I always doubted myself. I have always said to my children have always said to me give it a go!

Home Education is the same if you doubt about what your capable of its going t rub off on your children.
My 7 year old austistic child has done many things that I thought it was not like her to do. Her learning has improved and getting complimented on how she is coping with having other children around. She still may hide in the room if there is heaps of people around, but she still comes out and says hello.

Yesterday we had a school activity day, my husband and I were first in the libary for our "lesson" and Jason started talking to the Head of DE, they were talking about what I told him from the previous session with the prjects and routines and stuff.
Then Jason said about how we do things and said something I just totally confused. The puzzled look n my face as I said no that wasnt said, then realised I wasnt listening to whole cnversation. Then I said sorry, yes It was mentioned about the projects and also the fridays to go n excursions for the day. And the HODE said thts right if it works then do it. lol
Anyway I apologised I was thinking about something, zoned out again.


Things to consider when choosing curriculum for homeschool.
  • What is your child's/ children's learning style? (Hands on, Audio, Visual, Love to read, Love to listen, Busy doing, ect.)
  • What is your teaching style? (Love lesson plans, hate lesson plans, love to "wing it", Hands on, Love reading aloud, Hate reading aloud, need a textbook, hate textbooks, ect.)
  • Your budget
  • Christian vs. Secular curriculum
  • What type of supplements do you want?
  • Is your child ready for this particular curriculum. Just because your child is in a certain grade level, does not mean they can do any curriculum in that grade. Some companies tend to be harder than others. As a rule of thumb, Abeka, tends to be a bit challenging.
  • What subjects are you going to be teaching this year?

Bree's Story 

A example from one of the mothers on our homeschooling group, thank you so much bree for sharing. Lee

"Before my son (now 7) started school he was very into numbers, he claimed that numbers went past his eyes, he also explained to me that he had a book in his head filled with maps and numbers. Having older siblings he was familiar with terms such as add, take away, plus and equals. Then he went to school and hated maths. He struggles with reading and writing and I believe the fact that he now had to write down his numbers, in sentences was overwhelming. Maths is now one of the things I teach him myself at his school. After lots and lots of internet searches I found something to try- based on Steiner/ Waldorf education, the four processes represented by little gem seeking gnomes. I sewed each gnome out of felt with their symbol on the front, something he could see and touch and play with. They go hunting for gems (glass wishing stones) the addition gnome takes one pile of gems and adds it to another pile, the multiplication gnome gathers together groups of gems, the divide gnome shares them out fairly (as well as shared out food in our intro to fractions) and minus also likes to share- giving his gems away, he also likes to be helpful, carrying home all the gems- too many, and he drops and losses them- taking away. My son is one of those Aspies who loves imaginative play, and now looks forward to maths class time. With just one afternoon of playing with the gnomes, acting out the processes, he has got it, he knows what each symbol means. It also works really well for him to have the time of getting up and moving around looking for hidden gems, in between each sit down to draw and write. We have fancy stickers to represent the gems in his book, which he also sees as rewards. He loves to be 'paid' with rewards to do any school work at all one more photo of how our grade 1 maths is done (his teachers tell me that multiplication and division would not normally come in until next year, or year after- but I am following my sons lead- as he questions or points out his number discoveries, I am going with him)"

By Bree Thomas

September 30th 2011

Its being a few days since being on here, life has being pretty hectic tryin to get stuff done for the awards night. trying to juggle appointments, family and also getting ready to go fishing on Saturday is yeah.......

Also i was browsing the web found heaps of visuals ............
Polk County High Frequency Words Done with Boardmaker Pictures

Also one of the parents asked about mini offices

I do hope these are helpful :)


11th October 2011

Chicken Pizza Making
Today we had another Distance Education family over, The girls did cooking :)
It was such a wondeful day.


13th October 2011
News from :-

Kristen Veltmeyer Aspergers-Education is Working on my third last assignment til I become a special educator. For this, I am putting together a seminar for homeschooling mothers/ fathers on how to teach the emergent reading skills of phonological awareness, phonemic awareness and alphabet knowledge to their children. So, if you are a proud parent to a child with ASC, can you let me know how much detail you would need to teach this to your child? Would you like explicit definitions and also would you prefer to learn by my creating cards for each skill and getting you to act them out with me? Thanks and look forward to your input!

If you would like to help Kristen please get into contact with her,
thank you


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