Monday, May 30, 2011

Social Story for insects

Flying insects can look a bit weird.
When I see flying insects, sometimes I feel scared.
It's ok to feel scared. Everyone is scared of something.

When I see flying insects, I need to remember that they don’t want to hurt me.
All bugs are good for the environment and are food for other animals.
Without these bugs, some animals might die from not having anything to eat.

All insects are good.
Lady-beetles help keep our plants clean so the flowers can grow.
Ants can let us know when there is rain coming!
And stick insects eat other bugs that might annoy us like mosquitoes :)

All insects and bugs have a job to do.
My job is to remember that no insects are bad and they don’t want to hurt me.
This will help me not be so scared of them.
They are probably more scared of me because I am so big and they are so little!

Bees are even good - they collect nectar from the flowers to make honey.
I like honey.
When I eat honey or see honey, I am reminded that an insect made this and it was nice of a bee to make honey for me to eat :)

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