Monday, May 30, 2011

Sensory systems differences

Hypersensitivity and Hyposensitivity (back) Autistic people can either be hypersensitive or hyposensitive to stimuli in any of the sensory systems. Many autistic people experience both extremes in the same sense - they may be hypersensitive at one point in time and then hyposensitive at another - this is known as inconsistency of perception.

hyper-sensitivity( high)

Tactile (touch) - Refusal to do p.e in the hall as the sensation of bare feet on the wooden floor is to over whelming----

Visual (sight) unable to take part in an art lesson as the bright colors are "hurting my eyes"

Auditory(hearing) concentration is affected because the ticking of the clock is distracting,

Gustatory( taste) Serverly limited diet as many foods have an over powering flavor and are rigorously avoided

Olfactory (smell) Being unable to sit next to a particular child because of the smell of the shampoo is distracting

Vestibular( balance)  Finds it difficult to make some movents in p.e and sports

Proprioception (body awareness) Difficulty with some fine motor skills eg, buttons

HYPO-sensitivity (low)

Tactile (touch) -Stabs any object with a sharp end repeatedly into own arm but appears to feel no pain

Visual (sight) Looks sideways at objects with peripheral vision and complains that central vision"makes it blurred"'

Auditory(hearing) not responding to the whistle to signal the end of play as he dose not
acknowledge certain sounds despite normal hearing

Gustatory( taste)Eats anything- soil,grass,paper,his pencil ect.

Olfactory (smell) Licks things that are new to him

Vestibular( balance) needs to rock spins or swing his body frequently

Proprioception (body awareness) often bumps into people and furniture

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