Monday, May 30, 2011

What is EAP Validation?

Validation is part of the quality assurance process for schools for the Education Adjustment Program.

The EAP validation process is undertaken by a team of statewide validators who will validate the school’s current documentation with the student’s EAP Profile.  The timeline for the process will be negotiated with the Principal. The school will be provided with key actions and recommendations at the conclusion of the validation process.

Validation does not make judgements about the quality of a school or a student’s program. This is the responsibility of the Principal.

The purpose of the EAP Validation Process is to:
  • ensure that the data obtained through the EAP process is valid and reliable
  • assure that consistency of reporting of adjustments is maintained over time and across school contexts
  • quality assure the accuracy of adjustments being reported by schools on submitted profiles
  • provide a supportive process to assist schools become confident with the EAP Profile and to engage school personnel in dialogue about adjustments for students with disabilities

Schools and EAP Validation
School Consultation
The validation team will have a focussed discussion with the Principal, the Head of Special Education Services (HOSES) and the school’s curriculum leader (Head of Curriculum) about the school community, school curriculum processes, EAP procedures (including data analysis)  and education adjustments for students with disabilities at the school.

Validation of Selected Profiles
Schools will be requested to provide current working documents (within past six months) to support the adjustments being made for the selected students. Schools will also be required to complete the EAP Validation form which will be emailed to the Principal at notification of validation.

Selection and collation of core school documentation
  • Consider  the current approved EAP Profile on AIMS
  • Collate documents supporting current adjustments
  • Prepare a copy (may be electronic) of the documents to be submitted for validation. Document sets will NOT be returned to schools.

Documentation may include the following areas:
  • Curriculum planning documents identifying adjustments: weekly plan, unit overview
  • Timetables for students and staff
  • Specific plans e.g. Specialised Health Requirements, Risk Management,  Individual Behaviour Support Plans
  • Individual Support Plan (ISP)  or equivalent
  • Student data/reporting.

Validation Outcomes
The validation team will:
  • determines validation outcome
  • provide feedback and a report on the outcomes of the validation process to the Principal and school team
  • collaboratively develop an action response plan to implement the outcomes of the validation process.

Conclusion of the Validation Process
      The validation team will:
  • provide a regional outcome report
  • follow up of the negotiated timelines within the action response plans
  • provide ongoing support to schools as requested by region.

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