Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Females with Aspergers

Emotionally immature and emotionally sensitive
Anxiety and Fear are predominant emotions
Strong sensory issues – sounds, sights, smells, touch, and prone to overload
Problems with Ibs
Stims to soothe when sad or agitated: leg bouncing
Prone to meltdowns when things over stimulated by sensory or emotional
Hates injustice and hates to be misunderstood;
Prone to mutism when stressed or upset, esp. after a meltdown.

Words and actions are often misunderstood by others
Will shut down in social situations once overloaded, but ok to socialize in small doses. May even appear to be skilled, but it is just a performance
Doesn't go out much. Will prefer to go out with partner only or children if she has them
Will not have many girlfriends and will not do 'girly” things like shopping with them or have get togethers to hang out
Will have a close friends in school but not once adulthood is reached
If in a relationship, she probably takes it very seriously
If she likes a male, she can be extremely, noticeably awkward in her attempts to let him know, e.g. she may stare when she sees him or call him repeatedly. This is because she fixates and doesn't understand societal gender roles. This will change with maturity

Appearance/Personal Habits:
Dresses comfortably due to sensory issues and practicality
Will not spend much time on grooming and hair. Hairstyles usually have to be 'wash and wear'. Can be quite happy not grooming at all at times.
Is youthful for her age, in looks, dress, behavior and tastes
Thinks of herself as half-male/ half-female (well – balanced)
May not have a strong sense of identity especially before diagnosis
Usually happiest at home or in other controlled environment

May have had obvious learning disabilities
Often musical, artistic
May be high educated but will have had to struggle with social aspects of college May have one or many partial degrees
Can be very passionate about a course of study or job and then change direction or go completely cold on it very quickly
May have strong talents
May have strong interests in computers, graphic design, things of visual nature. May gravitate to writing and psychology
Highly intelligent yet sometimes can be slow to comprehend due to sensory and cognitive processing issues
Will not do well with verbal instructions – needs to write down or draw diagram
Will have obsessions.

For the full list of Femaile Traits look at Rudy Simones Table of Female Traits

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