Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Helpful Advice from Parents When Your Child is first diagnosed with Autism

The following quotes are taken from the Aspergers Connect group on the 29th May, 2011 after being asked "What is the best advice you could give a parent of a child who has just been diagnosed with Autism?":

Debra: to be told by someone who has children in the same situation that there is life after dx, they are not alone and be able to talk about experiences with them. Having a family member who suffers anxiety and OCD - it is what I liked to hear. We all know the road is tough but to be able to share stories means you are not doing it all alone

Kylie: Just listening to a new parent and saying to them that their child is still the same child that they loved instantly when they first met. This child is the one that they have always loved and adored.

Rachael:hang in there it dose get better and its not a death sentance!some of ur dreams for ur child have gone but new one's will take there place. be patient start a diary u will have lots to write about. good luck and ur not alone though at times u will feel that way love and hugs

Brianna:for me my son dx was not the end of the road it was the beginning of the wonderful start of the path of assistance and help...meeting others in simular situations....knowledge of not being alone and finally knowing their were answers....

Jenny:I would also tell them to not believe everything they read especially on google etc...it can be too overwhelming at first and to take every day as it comes- try not too worry too far ahead. It certainly does get better as you learn new ways to help your child and gain more acceptance of the amazing person they really are.

Brooke: dont sit around waiting for any miracles, get on to as many services as you can while you can, join waiting lists even if you dont need it staright away when the time comes that you do need it, it wont be immediately available! And talk to other parents! Take advice from special needs teachers, they have some amazing strategies :)

Karen: Just being an ear and letting them know it's ok to be worried, scared and sad but also there is a lot of joy to be had. Different achievement and milestones to celebrate and on different levels but for us just as important. I would write th...em out a list of support groups and associations in thier area along with details of funding and what care plans and Medicare code numbers they need. A list of good books for mums and dads to read plus some for siblings too and depending on the age and understanding of the child books for them about thier condition too. But most importantly they are not alone and you are always there if they need to talk regardless how upset, angry etc they might get. Venting gets you through.

Ben:I would tell them to treat everyday as a new day and face each challenge as they come believe in your self and remember the best days to get you through the hard days, And never forget your not alone even though you will feel that way

Michelle: choose your battles, stand your ground, and never give up... if you've met one child with autism, well you've met one child with autism... no two respond the same way to various therapies and treatments - trust your heart!!! and REACH OUT!! there is no room for pride in this game :o)

Kuya:take a deep breath, and take some time to take it all in before doing anything. Remember that it's no one's "fault" that your child is the way he or she is. Then remind the parents that they are not alone, and start building your relationsh...ip with them first, before referring them to government departments. It's really only parents of children with ASD who can help other parents, because they have walked part of the way already.

Tania: I would say stay focused on their strengths while improving their weaknesses

Anne:Buckle your seat bealt and never give up as every day is going to be a new challenge.

Rebekah: Take your time and don't try todo everything at once. Try to work on getting a team of support around you and your child. Remember to look after yourself as well and remember that your child is amazing and precious. Dont try to struggle on alone.

Vanessa: recommend a good bottle of wine! :P
But seriously, I would just let them know I'm there for them and point them in the direction of a good support group. I didn't realise it would hit me as hard as it did and I'm still having a cry about it..

Rebecca: Take one day at a time, listen to your gut instincts and do not blame yourself.

Marcelle: You know your child, they are who they always have been and need you as much as they always have. Take things day by day!! It is a time to learn and grow with your child and be kind to yourself, you are not to blame. Not to read too much too soon. Seek the support of a group like this one, it has taught me more than any manual!!!

Michele: do your research - dont buy in to 'miracle cures' look at what 'works' get good results, ask around, look at the evidence base. Trial something with YOUR child. Ask yourself is whatever the treatment/therapy doable/affordable. Can you keep it up for as long as it takes to get the results it is stated to get? And at what cost (financially as well as energy, pressure on family, time etc). Read, ask questions, get support, look after YOU so you can look after child/family. It is an endurance race : )

Sharon: Join Aspergers Connect :)

Karl: Read everything, try everything or a combo of everything , dont be afraid to ask for help or support, it's ok to go off and rant , most important love the child because of the Autism not in spite of it.

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