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Queensland Home Education

In Queensland, registration for home education is a legal option a parent may choose for the provision of their child's education.
This site provides information about the registration process for parents wishing to explore the option of home education.
The Home Education Unit assists parents with the registration process.There are no fees associated with the registration of a child for home education.
Information about enrolment at a school of distance education, where children
do their school work at home using a school provided curriculum, should be
sought directly from the school.

*In Queensland you can only be enrolled in 1 school at a time*

Useful contacts

Phone numbers for State Schools of Distance Education
State School of Distance EducationPhone
Brisbane School of Distance Education(07) 3214 8200
Cairns School of Distance Education(07) 4080 9111
Capricornia School of Distance Education (Emerald)(07) 4987 9100
Capricornia School of Distance Education (Rockhampton)(07) 4931 4800
Charleville School of Distance Education(07) 4656 8999
Charters Towers School of Distance Education(07) 4754 6888
Longreach School of Distance Education(07) 4658 4222
Mount Isa School of the Air(07) 4744 8333

Phone numbers for accredited Non-State Schools of Distance Education
Accredited Non-State Schools of Distance EducationPhone
Australian Christian College - Moreton, Caboolture(07) 5490 6100
Groves Christian College, Kingston(07) 3808 2244
Hinchinbrook Christian School, Ingham(07) 4776 3111
Jubilee Christian College, Atherton(07) 4091 4627
Riverside Christian College, Maryborough(07) 4123 1031

Queensland Regional Offices

Phone numbers for offices in the Far North Queensland Region
Far North Queensland RegionPhone
Cairns Office(07) 4046 5222
Atherton Office(07) 4091 0800

Phone numbers for offices in the North Queensland Region
North Queensland RegionPhone
Townsville Office(07) 4726 3111
Mount Isa Office(07) 4744 8222

Phone numbers for offices in the Central Queensland Region
Central Queensland RegionPhone
Mackay Office(07) 4951 6900
Rockhampton Office(07) 4938 4661
Emerald Office(07) 5983 7555
Gladstone Office(07) 4971 3600
Longreach Office(07) 4658 4599

Phone numbers for offices in the Darling Downs South West Region
Darling Downs South West RegionPhone
Toowoomba Office(07) 4616 9111
Roma Office(07) 4622 9711
Warwick Office(07) 4661 0500
Kingaroy Office(07) 4156 9500
Chinchilla Office(07) 4662 8600

Phone numbers for offices in the North Coast Region
North Coast RegionPhone
Caboolture, Redcliffe(07) 3881 9600
Nambour Office(07) 4154 0300
Bundaberg Office(07) 4661 0500
Maryborough Office(07) 4121 1633

Phone numbers for offices in the Metropolitan Region
Metropolitan RegionPhone
Special/Specific Office(07) 3422 8655
South Office(07) 3422 8655
North Office(07) 3350 7819
East Office(07) 3350 7818
West Office(07) 3280 1666
Band 5/6 environmental(07) 3280 1666
Secondary(07) 3350 7825

Phone numbers for offices in the South East Region
South East RegionPhone
Gold Coast Office(07) 5562 4888
Logan-Albert Beaudesert(07) 3804 9666

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