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Brad's Little Aussie Autism Shop

This shop will be run by Brad (& supervised/helped by his mum). Brad is 17yrs old, he is autistic & totally non-verbal. We are setting up this shop to help Brad with his life skills & the opportunity to promote Autism Awareness. Hopefully one day it will be big enough to become a job when he finishes school.

Autism Support and Discussions

A place for parents, carers and anyone else who has a desire to further their knowledge and share their experiences of Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

A place to find support and information for families/parents of children with undiagnosed disability

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association, contains descriptions, symptoms, and other criteria for diagnosing mental disorders.

This is an open page and all are welcome. The Fragile X Association does not necessarily endorse the views of anyone writing on the wall and reserves the right to remove anyone abusing this opportunity to share about Fragile X

Things to do in Brisbane with Kids- Events, Activities & Big Ideas for Brisbane Kids

This Facebook group is solely dedicated to promoting autism awareness through the arts. Submissions may come from anyone on the spectrum or from their neurotypical family members and friends. The purpose of the site is also to uplift, encourage, and inspire all of those around us by our God-given talents and to nurture those abilities to their fullest extent.

I set up the mobile consultancy to offer support and advice to families whose children have received a diagnosis of Autism. I have a son with Autism and know first hand the challenges families face after receiving a diagnosis. My son has made huge progress and I would love to share the knowledge I have gained and some practical tips that may help in your child's success.

Christian's Gift Raises Money to provide much needed Therapy for Christian Carter-Murray. Christian's Gift also supports Families of Children with ASD by providing Family Friendly Events. Play in The Park and Clown Around Playtime.
Set up to help support Christian Carter-Murray . A small boy profoundly affected by Autism. Christian can not speak and does not understand Language.

Founded 2011. Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Aspie Club! The idea for this group was formed by the numerous requests from Aspies who expressed their preference to meet and share their interests and talents with other Aspies.

Our Journey of Selective Mutism
To raise awareness of Selective Mutism so that no child has to wait to be diagnosed and can be treated with people who understand the specifics of Selective Mutism and treat accordingly. Also to be a form of support and information for parents of children with Selective Mutism.

Sunshine Butterflies is a Logical Disability Support Service and Charity supporting Babies, Kids, Tweens, Teens and Adults with a Disability as well as their families. Founded on the Sunshine Coast in Noosa.

Sally Thibault Author A real life story about how a mother's greatest challenge became her greatest gift. http://www.davidsgift.com.au/

AspergerChild.com's aim is to provide parents, carers, families, educators and professionals with reliable information and support in their journey with Asperger's Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, High Functioning Autism and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

This Support Group provides sources of professional help, recommended reading, moderated support message boards, lists of camps and schools, links to
local/national/international support groups, educational resources, conference information, and articles

We are an online toy store that went live in July 2008. We started The Toy Bug after our son was diagnosed with Autism and we were on a mission to find the fun toys that his therapists were using. We have a great range of Educational and Fun Sensory Toys for children aged up to 6 years.

Autism Hwy will provide an area for people dealing with Autism to connect and learn from each other. A place where friendships can grow.

We want to find every parent of a special needs child, so that together with one voice we can create positive changes in our communities, in our nation and in the world.

To provide effective supports to autistic females of all ages through community, advocacy, and resources.

Hi, im a mum of 5...2 of which are affected by ASD.
Reece 9 & Kieran 7
I have learnt so much since starting this group &have found it very useful as i have received advice from other mums.
Please help me to raise awareness all over the world :) ♥♥

This is a support group designed to unite mothers and parents of children with Autism. The purpose of this page to help educate, support, and learn from one another in our journey with raising children on the spectrum.

The Special Needs Trust Network provides a pooled master trust that meets state and federal requirements—an umbrella over individual sub-accounts. We help protect choices and quality of life through financial services, community connections, and individualized care management.

I am the proud & devoted mother of 3 uniquely amazing & special girls. My oldest, Yael, has a diagnosis of “High Functioning Autism.” She was initially diagnosed with “Pervasive Developmental Disorder” at age 3. That is when our life on the spectrum began. My blog is meant to share the experiences of raising a child with autism. The name, “Puzzled” refers to the single puzzle piece, symbolic of autism awareness. It is also an honest insight into the puzzling & perplexing moments of raising a child with special needs. You can subscribe directly on the blog site or receive updates by joining this Facebook page.

A place where love ones and friends of those with Special Needs can come and share their stories and ask questions and hopefully get answers to have a better understanding!

Welcome to the Aspergers Awareness Community. Thank you for visiting. Feel free to join in the nightly discussions. Your input is important and appreciated by all.

For many years Eileen Miller's daughter, Kim, was unable to verbalize her experiences and emotions, but she was able to communicate using a less conventional language: her art. The Girl who Spoke with Pictures tells the story of a young woman with autism, and how her enlightening drawings enabled her to share her view of the world.

Autism Support Network provides a free peer-to-peer global network of people helping people with autism. Visit us at AutismSupportNetwork.com for the latest grant info, news, conferences, and help from others!

At Autism Speaks, our goal is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders.

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