Monday, September 26, 2011

Smart Pups Assistance Dogs for Special Needs Children

Leon in training

Helping Special Needs Children gain independence, confidence and success whilst enjoying the companionship, loyalty and love only a dog can give.

Autism Assistance Dogs

Smart Pups Service Dogs are tested and qualify for Full Public Access (just like a guide dog). We train Assistance Dogs “task specific” for special needs children and in particular we specialise in training dogs for children within the Autism Spectrum.

Autism Assistance Dogs are specially trained to help children who have any disability falling in the Autism spectrum. These dogs are trained to disrupt behaviour outside of the child’s set behavioural patten. In addition, these dogs can be trained to track the child should he or she wander away. Autism Assist Dogs can become “extra help” when out in public by having the child tethered to the dog who will act as an anchor instead of having to be held by hand.

The most important aspect is the hope that the child will build a trusting relationship with their dog. Regardless of what advanced skills Autism Assistance Dogs might be trained to do, their primary purpose is to provide a best friend, confidant and playmate for a child who almost always has few friends.

Government Approved Training Organisation

Smart Pups Assistance Dogs, on the Sunshine Coast, are the only Association in Queensland training dogs for children within the Autism Spectrum. Just as Seeing Eye dogs make the world more navigable for the blind, specially trained service dogs are now also helping children with Autism achieve success and independence. These canine companions aid children through everyday social challenges and help lower children’s overall stress levels.

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