Thursday, October 20, 2011

Various Funding to Support Children with Special Needs

Various Funding to support Children with Special Needs
The Helping Children With Autism Package
Major features: $12,000 of funding support for early intervention at approproved providers (maximum of $6000 per fiscal year), which can be accessed up until a child with ASD turns 7. Important to note that the child must be approved for the program before turning 6.

The Better Outcome for Mental Health (BOMH) plan, which includes the "Access To Allied Psychological Services"
Major features: Can be set up by your GP, with up to 12 sessions with a psychologist or other mental health professional claimable under Medicare (we use ours to help cover DD's social group therapy). I don't fully get this program, so I would welcome any additional input from other families using it.

Carer's Allowance (non means tested -- some families might also qualify for the Carer's Payment) - Edited to add: Asperger's & Autism are automatic qualifier, PDD-NOS on a case by case basis
Major features: Fortnightly payment of $106.70; health care card

NSW Family Assistance Fund - DADHC
In NSW you coud apply for fences, play equipment, holiday using this:
Up to $2000. Not sure how hard this is to get.

Adam Scott Foundation Autism Grants Program has been designed to provide young people living with autism, the access to Apple iPads and their innovative Autism specialised applications. In these early stages, Apple iPads are already proving to be useful tools for children with Autism to improve communication skills. The Adam Scott Foundation Autism Grants Program is available to young people, aged 6-16 as of 16 November 2010, with an Autism Diagnosis across Australia. To be eligible you must be a permanent Australian resident.
More info: The Smith Family - Learning for Life - Helping Disadvantaged Kids. Look in left-hand margin under 'What we do' for more great services available. World Vision's Kids Hope Aus program mentoring Aussie kids needing additional support and their families
The Developing Foundation is a support group by families seeking appropriate tre...atment for a family member with a brain injury or a developmental disability. click your State/Ter Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres #. Register for respite by ringing frecall 1800 052 222. Entitlement is 63 days/year. See Centrelink's website for up to date information CRCC# also have a Carer Kit available at no charge that they can mail out in the post.ritory.
 Queensland has the Family Support Package

ABA Therapy As A Deductible Medical Expense[u][/u]
I found my snippet on declaring ABA as a deductible medical expense. Here are two past private rulings by the Australian Tax Office that declate them as such:

In-home Childcare can be used by families with kids with disabilities. It still costs more than regular childcare.
Enhanced Primary Care - Medicare
GP has to create a EPC plan and you get 5 x OT, speech, pysio, psychologist (5 is total but can be spread over them) if you are seeing at least 2 x allied health providers. It's per calander year and max $48.95 each.

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